World's Largest Devil's Toothpaste Explosion

It took 8 months, 150 tests and over 1,000 total working hours to reclaim what is rightfully mine :)
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***music from indépendant artists****
:18 - Toy by Ponder
1:13 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
2:07 - Chi by Ponder
2:40 - Berlin - Andrew Applepie -
3:32 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
5:32 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
7:46 - Danijel Zambo - Dance
9:03 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
12:33 - For Mum by Andrew Applepie
12:58 - Pata Pata - Miriam Makeba (Matt Cherne Remix)
17:40 - Run (part 2) by Andrew Applepie -
23:23 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak -


  1. Fletcher Rollinson

    Fletcher RollinsonPrije 9 mjeseci

    This is an incredible video! Thank you mark for everything you have done for me! I am truly so grateful. That was some of the most fun I’ve ever had!

  2. Arooba Zahid

    Arooba ZahidPrije 2 dana

    Hiya yall

  3. Byron Balajadia

    Byron BalajadiaPrije 11 dana

    Sup mark

  4. Jordan Webber

    Jordan WebberPrije mjesec

    Hi congrats

  5. Anonymous_entity

    Anonymous_entityPrije mjesec

    Dude that’s you. You are amazing going through that! 🤩

  6. Decease

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  7. Zachary Loiben

    Zachary LoibenPrije sat

    Mark is the best birthday party planner ever in the history of the universe. CHANGE MY MIND

  8. sclars1

    sclars1Prije 3 sati

    And how you clean all this up ?

  9. Bond Alanna

    Bond AlannaPrije 4 sati

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  10. Katarzyna Dziwir

    Katarzyna DziwirPrije 4 sati

    Aaand who cleaned it ?

  11. Farland Holmes

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  12. stacey bauer

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  13. Jessica Langley

    Jessica LangleyPrije 7 sati

    did you notes there was more blue at the begining

  14. Jae Jin

    Jae JinPrije 9 sati

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  15. Eli Mendenhall

    Eli MendenhallPrije 9 sati

    Does the devil even brush his teeth

  16. greenant2002

    greenant2002Prije 10 sati

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  17. 16-Bit Bernie

    16-Bit BerniePrije 11 sati

    “20 million of your newest friends” about 60 million actually…

  18. CupCat 304

    CupCat 304Prije 12 sati

    17:59: *AAAAA-*

  19. Lloyd Nichols

    Lloyd NicholsPrije 13 sati

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  20. Ron F

    Ron FPrije 13 sati

    Why do so many people claim Mark is a shill? One thing...nasa does have a bad reputation How is fletcher doing ? He sure has gorgeous hair! Hope it all grows back

  21. Misael Nayeli

    Misael NayeliPrije 15 sati

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  23. Dante Deloden

    Dante DelodenPrije 15 sati

    now, i know its your birthday n all but.. someones gotta clean this mess up.

  24. Victor Medina

    Victor MedinaPrije 16 sati

    Fun fact it’s a 25 second building montage

  25. Smarcu Mrick

    Smarcu MrickPrije 16 sati

    15:04 It sounds like minecraft music

  26. Manny Vega

    Manny VegaPrije 17 sati

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    logan merandaPrije 17 sati

    I love your vids

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  29. Bram

    BramPrije 18 sati

    14 year olds birthday party in Europe: heavy drinking 14 year olds birthday party in the us: elephant toothpaste

  30. Ghast Ryder

    Ghast RyderPrije 18 sati

    I know I'm a bit late but, happy birthday, Fletcher! 😊


    JERATH BOCK-CULBERTPrije 23 sati

    ur awesome mark :)


    SFS_NONAMEPrije dan

    Flex tape…. Impressive

  33. Zarintyr

    ZarintyrPrije dan

    Pure insanity and chaos!!!! YEEAAAAA baby!!

  34. PolarSubRoblox

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  35. Dripple

    DripplePrije dan

    Happy birthday Fletcher

  36. The wheat man

    The wheat manPrije dan

    17:56 "And this feels very freaky but you trust-" -Famous last words

  37. Ordell Stokes

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  38. DarkMyth

    DarkMythPrije dan

    This is amazing

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  43. NfamousBrad

    NfamousBradPrije dan

    Seriously I’m so happy to see that was so epically nice and fun for a kid who needed to have a great birthday

  44. Uttam Ghosh

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  46. Caleb Shuler

    Caleb ShulerPrije dan

    Snowbird Tee spotted! That’s my home resort guys.

  47. Vuyo “vuyovxn” ndlovu

    Vuyo “vuyovxn” ndlovuPrije dan

    13:00 that song is a banger .

  48. Philipp B.

    Philipp B.Prije dan

    I think there should be more people in the world like you 👍🇺🇸

  49. Steven Lukowski

    Steven LukowskiPrije dan

    AMAZING only problem is you didn't tell how t o make

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    but I am 11

  53. Rylee Monaghan

    Rylee MonaghanPrije 2 dana

    That was one day after my birthday so Fletcher and I are 3 days apart

  54. Sofis skter Roksana1254**

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    What song plays at 14:00?

  60. TheProAtPUBG 2

    TheProAtPUBG 2Prije 2 dana

    I wonder what he bleeped out. Imagine if it was just random s***

  61. XDragon

    XDragonPrije 2 dana

    What does he do for his own son's birthday?

  62. PizzaDude

    PizzaDudePrije 2 dana

    1 month later: mrbeast takes the world record

  63. Canivoures Carnivine

    Canivoures CarnivinePrije 2 dana

    The bike that got hit by the devil’s toothpaste is gone!😂

  64. hefau kunio

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    I almost peed myself laughing at the fat gus part! Just wasn't expecting the bird.

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    I don’t have any idea what he is saying sometimes but I will act like I do

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  89. Lauren Osborne

    Lauren OsbornePrije 3 dana

    This is beautiful. In tears. Awesome day for a kid that’s been through a lot. So glad that you made this experience happen for him.

  90. FireBirdsFan5476

    FireBirdsFan5476Prije 3 dana

    Who else wants to party with them??


    BLING KINGPrije 3 dana

    Ladies... Me @20:20 In slowmo 😏😁😂😉💭

  92. A Very Tall Midget

    A Very Tall MidgetPrije 3 dana

    He should have called it "Satan's Soap"

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    coolest 13th birthday ever 😂