SCIENCE CLASS #2- Does Farting Make You Weigh Less?

This is a juicy one. 70% people get this one wrong. I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.



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    I stream science LIVE M-W-F at 1pm PT. Thanks for being here!

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    By making the metal less comoact

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    I think the shape of the bottom is why it doesn't float - Malakai (6)

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    you are welcome :

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    @William Pantel look no o

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    So funny! Mark you are such a goofy (and cute) guy! :)

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    Is that how boats are able to stay up mark?!!??!??!!!?

  9. Brian Lane

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    I have a hard time believing the answer is quite this simple. You aren’t taking into consideration the compression effect your body might have on the gases inside of it. It might be negligible, but, it surely counts for something

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    We did this in sixth grade everything he did in clue one we learned in sixth

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    I played does it float or sink with my moms phone and now she is mad at me for some reason. I told he it was an important scientific study.

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    Maybe you put a can over it to make the heavy chunk of metal float? Just guessing.

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    Oh my gosh I was wrong XD

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    It certainly feels that way.

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    7:15 Is it just me or did he say something else that wasn't "ships...?" :'>

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    29:30 I have a 20 year plan, but I am the only one I know who does, and I didnt come up with it until my last year of college.

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    3:55 make a boat?

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    Great job Mark you make it easy for us to watch thank thank you thank you

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    so there are no gasses

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    This is a class where you teach the concepts mass vs weight

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    Every time mark said ocean of air I kept thinking of the song “ astronaut in an ocean”

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    "its not a skirt its a skilt" ☠️

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    Mark Rober would be the best physics teacher everrrr! I wish I could have him

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    By flattening the metal and widen the area?

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    I farted 11 times during this video. Too bad I didn’t lose any weight :(

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    Gas is a certain type of air so it weighs nothing so no

  27. Miss Gnoamer

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    Expelling flatulence causes the human body to change volume… less gas equals less volume… therefore, as gas is released the density of of the human body increases… so yes, you weigh more after you expel flatulence.

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    Best science teacher

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    I actually got 100% on the "will it float" segment!!

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    0:25 wonder how many people caught the joke. and while im 25 seconds in im gonna say no, it makes you weight more

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    I've been telling people this for years and they rarely believe me! I'm so glad I can finally back that up by showing them this video!

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    Make a tin foil boat

  33. Internet Troll

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    Or does losing some hot air make you weigh more?

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    8:07 is float.

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    So we kinda like balloons? If we let the smelly air out we become heavier. Just like balloons.

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    Are you live right now?

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    so if fart a tons of time in a ballon its gonna float !!! lol

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    Yes lol

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    Depending on the liquid or gas you are in

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    It doesn't matter how many life jackets you put on some people, you can't make them less dense...

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    i love your videos

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    It floats

  44. Jim Shepherd

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    Technically, "weight" is mass x gravity. When you fart, you lose some mass, ergo you weigh less. What you're actually saying here is that we become more dense when we fart, and therefore the resultant force of gravity vs buoyancy is greater in the direction of buoyancy, hence why the scales would show you as "heavier". But you're still losing weight when you fart.

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    Mark, thank you for this video because you answered my 7 year old minds question. Keep on going dude!

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    3:25 lol :D

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    more mass via the shape

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    Best Teacher Ever

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    These videos are short My science class last 70 mins

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    This was 1 year ago

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    Thanks so much for the life advice too!

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    Oh that’s why wrestlers grunt a lot, they are trying to fart so they can weigh more to gain some power over their opponents

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    It’s funny that yes you weigh more but you have less mass just think about that for a moment

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    I am 43 and loving this. I wish I would have had a teacher like him. Mark make sure you do stuff like this in your high school class room bc it makes all the difference

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    I don't want to eat a lot of beans to find out - can someone just confirm the answer?

  59. Federal Noob association

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    My guess for the "Why the sky is blue" The sky reflects off the ocean and probably has to do something with atmosphere changes it I think.

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    My employer coerced me into teaching an evening class at a local JC. The subject was Printed Circuit Board production - drilling and routing. I dreaded the thought. Thankfully I had taken a speech class in college so I at least had a clue on how to talk to 45 people. It turned out that I actually enjoyed the "give and take" between myself and the students. It was more rewarding than I expected.

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    Awesome educational video

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    Nursing home answer: Ethel! Where are my teeth?!?

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    Except a Ted talk tells you fat leaves your body via air. I don’t know who to believe...

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    Its grown up so fast 1 year

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    Gonna hold my farts from now on

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    So what was the answer to the title of the video?

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    The fine step-aunt fortuitously exercise because wrinkle virtually step outside a elastic carrot. nonstop, talented babies

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    "The earth moves underneath ever so slightly" when jumping, - according to the model it moves at 15° an hour which would mean it is rotating at about 1000 miles an hour at the equator. I guess ever so slightly is subjective

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    But are farts not under compression in the bowel?

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    I mean, give this man what he needs to become a teacher. He'll be the coolest high school teacher in North America.

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    where's one of your 1st youtube videos you said you would put in the comments below (25mins 22secs)

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    That is totally not where I thought you were going with this, right up to the end. I was thinking in terms of how the flatulence originates, which is decomposing organic matter. Before it decomposes, it is solid. Once it becomes gas, it can leave the body. So if you compare the weight before the decomposition to the weight after, all other things being equal, you weigh less. But if you don't measure weight until after the digested food has decomposed, then of course the buoyancy is the driving principle.

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    Ayyyyy welcomd

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    I would relive the horrible experience that was high school just to have Mark Rober as my physics teacher

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    He had the chance to throw rose in the ocean and didn't. Idk what to make of this.

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    OOOPS Just gained some weight!! So that’s why girls don’t fart.

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    This is awesome! Often my farts feel highly pressurized. Is it possible that if I packed enough fart into a small colon the density of said fart would be greater inside me than that of the air around me?

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    will the results b the same in a vacuum?

  79. Nathan Hazzard

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    to make something nutraly boyent cant you just caculate the desity of both the block of wood and the bucket of water (mass over volume) and make them the same

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    Hahahaha 20:48 😂

  81. Kyla parkinson

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    No farting does not make you weigh less, because a fart is a gas which is just stored inside your stomach so when you fart gas weighs nothing becuase its almost air but they have differences but air weighs nothing and thats onr thing gas and air have in common. So technically no farting does not make you weigh less

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    Man I'm still watching this video to see what he says, geez man a simple yes or no would be great. I'm assuming mathematically speaking it has to make you weight less it's less of something less of something means less you, right.

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    your the best youtuber

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    Mark: it isn’t that easy Me: OH NO! ITS IMPOSSIBLE!

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    POV: You yelled at a dude who worked for NASA because he used weight instead of mass for density. Then seconds later he addresses it.

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    I always watch one of these videos to help encourage me when I'm cycling at home

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    Depends on how many farts you take out.While only 1 fart weighs 0 pounds, a lot more will weigh more, and while the farts are inside you, you weigh more.When you get them out, that weight gets out, and you weigh less.

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    So before even clicking on this video I had a whole thought process of “well considering that gas is trapped inside you, it should technically be helping you in the direction of being lighter the same way helium makes a balloon go up instead of weigh more. So getting rid of it technically makes you weigh more, Like a balloon loosing some of its helium wouldn’t float as high. This comment was written before watching the video at all so we’ll see if I’m right.

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    I was waiting for lord watermelon to appear

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    I'm 32, and I just had a WHAT?! moment, Thank you.

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    This guy explains stuff more clearly than my Science teacher....

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    Make a bubble of metal it will float

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    #1 Density 2:30 #2 Boiancy 13:10 #3 Gas is less dense than air. 17:10 #4 summerisation 17:39

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    i just did density like 2 days ago in my school and my teacher couldnt explain me that in 60 mins but mark explained to me in 10 mins:)

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