Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!


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See you in class!



  1. Mark Rober

    Mark RoberPrije 6 mjeseci

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!

  2. Hector Mazo

    Hector MazoPrije 3 dana

    449th comment!/last comment!

  3. !-

    !-Prije 23 dana

    @Rhys is Awesome me too

  4. !-

    !-Prije 23 dana


  5. Nimo Bakhrani

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  6. Nega Ness

    Nega NessPrije mjesec

    Genius 😂.)

  7. Titus Desiree

    Titus DesireePrije 2 sati

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  8. kim stringer

    kim stringerPrije 4 sati

    Just seems like away to much time and money to make this….

  9. Ch4z_Bucks

    Ch4z_BucksPrije 7 sati

    I would've reported most of these people to the police, they're thieves after all and deserve punishment.

  10. Namia Damha

    Namia DamhaPrije 7 sati

    Should've spray toxic gas

  11. Rocking5

    Rocking5Prije 9 sati

    Feel bad for the little kids you can see in split second to seconds in some of the camera phootage

  12. bingus

    bingusPrije 10 sati

    caught in 4k... literally...

  13. Athena Phan

    Athena PhanPrije 11 sati

    One guy had a kid, uhm bro what u doing with a stolen package in front of an innocent kid

  14. Thought Rank

    Thought RankPrije 12 sati

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  15. Dawsyn 🤪

    Dawsyn 🤪Prije 12 sati


  16. JamesTHLPolony

    JamesTHLPolonyPrije 12 sati

    Porch pirates know exactly what they sign up for. Wrath is no vice when inflicted upon the deserving.

  17. jamie pastman

    jamie pastmanPrije 14 sati

    one guy proudly announces "here ya go, baby." Doesn't seem to have an inkling that perhaps giving the gift of a stolen item might be a shameful thing. Not an iota of embarrassment, that's what's so awful about these thieves. They seem proud of being the lowest possible scum on earth, they even commit these acts in front of their children, giggling away.

  18. Janice Bing

    Janice BingPrije 18 sati

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  19. stupidaccountsoicanpost

    stupidaccountsoicanpostPrije 18 sati

    How long before someone figures out to put it in water?

  20. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruPrije 21 sat

    This is the only types of videos i fully understand since it doesnt contain advanced x2 science

  21. Tobias Krasinger

    Tobias KrasingerPrije dan

    You know thats why there are things called "fences" ... But also: great work.

  22. ho jing zun

    ho jing zunPrije dan

    "this is my CHRISTMAS present" meanwhile: MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU FILTHY ANIMAL

  23. The wheat man

    The wheat manPrije dan

    "Box has been stolen! Bust out the popcorn" -Glitterbomb 3.0

  24. Cool is R

    Cool is RPrije dan

    Sssaperwolf reakted on you

  25. Crem

    CremPrije dan

    the baby's just watching his dad suffer 8:12

  26. Austin Ocobock

    Austin OcobockPrije dan

    At the end of the count don you should Mack smock go off

  27. CoCap

    CoCapPrije dan


  28. Night Blizzard

    Night BlizzardPrije dan

    You are a hero. 👍

  29. Mplou80 GR

    Mplou80 GRPrije dan

    Dude, i was in the house of a friend and i was watching him open this specific box and i was just behind the door watching, i cant believe i saw his reaction on this video XD

  30. Gregg Macklin

    Gregg MacklinPrije dan

    that is fine, but next time liquify a pint of poison ivy instead of using glitter

  31. Christopher Lane

    Christopher LanePrije dan

    Looks like a few of them had to turn to a life of crime to afford more fast food.

  32. Kenny Stuart

    Kenny StuartPrije dan

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  33. J.A.M.S

    J.A.M.SPrije dan


  34. Mike Storme

    Mike StormePrije dan

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  35. Tent

    TentPrije dan

    That was great...such a great way to teach someone a lesson...thanks for making me laugh!!

  36. Philipp B.

    Philipp B.Prije dan

    😂👍I am watshing it for the third time but it is soooooooo funny.

  37. Orbit

    OrbitPrije dan

    They literally shot the box lol

  38. Kendra Clark

    Kendra ClarkPrije dan

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  39. Anthony Phung

    Anthony PhungPrije 2 dana

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  40. Denise Bowen

    Denise BowenPrije 2 dana

    Hmmm... Phyllis looks awfully familiar. 😉

  41. Brody Magerkurth

    Brody MagerkurthPrije 2 dana

    this but with harmless fireworks

  42. Mari Mochi_0

    Mari Mochi_0Prije 2 dana

    Its yours now babyyyy


    ALLAN KENNEYPrije 2 dana

    Nice Work

  44. Chill Penguin

    Chill PenguinPrije 2 dana

    Put shotgun blanks in the generation 4 box😈😈😈

  45. Kolawole Aideyan

    Kolawole AideyanPrije 2 dana

    The defective attention methodically cycle because instrument predominantly stretch next a sleepy illegal. unusual, gamy whip

  46. Ghost Shalaby

    Ghost ShalabyPrije 2 dana

    You should just put more glitter and make it spray furthur

  47. Andres De la Rosa

    Andres De la RosaPrije 2 dana

    😆 😂 🤣🥲 Mark Rober, you are my hero! 🦸‍♂️.

  48. Bryan Goldfield

    Bryan GoldfieldPrije 2 dana

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  49. GTACarZone

    GTACarZonePrije 2 dana

    Me. Rober, I have a town that needs some of your boxes to teach them a lesson, our southern Illinois area is full of losers that don’t know any better...also our police won’t do anything about it so, thank you and I hope you see this...this is my HRcharts channel account it seriously, I hope you see this :) :) :)

  50. J1

    J1Prije 2 dana


  51. Katelyn hussenp

    Katelyn hussenpPrije 3 dana

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  52. Patience Ryans

    Patience RyansPrije 3 dana


  53. Robert Takeya

    Robert TakeyaPrije 3 dana

    17:00 min they was looking packages

  54. Robert Takeya

    Robert TakeyaPrije 3 dana

    _________________________________make this glitter fly using gas (this one to clean PC)________________________________________

  55. Jay Sharp

    Jay SharpPrije 3 dana

    "You're what the French call 'les incompetents.'

  56. The_baldman

    The_baldmanPrije 3 dana

    When u click on one of his videos it’s way better than you think

  57. Will Raquel

    Will RaquelPrije 3 dana

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  58. Chanel Foulds

    Chanel FouldsPrije 3 dana

    This is getting a tour of scammers homes lol

  59. Nat Cubing

    Nat CubingPrije 3 dana


  60. Roy Nelson

    Roy NelsonPrije 3 dana

    😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 the countdown was hilarious

  61. lostjuly

    lostjulyPrije 3 dana

    police truly are useless bacon

  62. William Patel

    William PatelPrije 3 dana


  63. bennyboy_insta '

    bennyboy_insta 'Prije 3 dana

    i bet the porch pirates from last year are still hovering there carpets because of the glitter

  64. Sara C

    Sara CPrije 3 dana

    Smelly, sparkly , yet sweet justice!

  65. Ruby Crystals

    Ruby CrystalsPrije 3 dana

    I did not expect Jim Browning, this is epic.

  66. Rifannurjaman

    RifannurjamanPrije 4 dana

    I really hate them, thme no have atittude ?

  67. Taylor Adams

    Taylor AdamsPrije 4 dana

    Oh gosh

  68. Debra Olson

    Debra OlsonPrije 4 dana

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  69. Darthplagueis13

    Darthplagueis13Prije 4 dana

    Well, darn. That stuff doesn't even happen where I live because post and delivery services aren't allowed to leave packages out. They have to give it directly to the recipient and have them sign, and if the recipient isn't home they'll take it back to the post office and leave a note that they were there and where to pick up the package.

  70. rasei qedeu

    rasei qedeuPrije 4 dana

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  71. DesertFernweh

    DesertFernwehPrije 4 dana

    Anyone notice all these thieves have something in common... They all have nasty homes.

  72. Jadyn Kiersten

    Jadyn KierstenPrije 4 dana

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  73. All Awesomeness

    All AwesomenessPrije 4 dana

    I love that those people gets their comeuppance.

  74. Lizuma

    LizumaPrije 4 dana

    For the next one you should really use more skunk spray, and you should make it so the glitter spreads a lot further.

  75. Goyangi

    GoyangiPrije 4 dana

    You should use more skunk scent and maybe even some pepper spray next time to REALLY give porch pirates what for.

  76. Dino Chad

    Dino ChadPrije 4 dana

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  77. Lorette Elfrieda

    Lorette ElfriedaPrije 4 dana

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  78. Coolbro 1066

    Coolbro 1066Prije 4 dana

    My brain said: “Should I spend this much time on something that I should just forget and let go about? No... Is it fun? Heck yeah it is!

  79. Sahan Damsara

    Sahan DamsaraPrije 4 dana

    You should get an action about that bad guys.

  80. Flammen Official

    Flammen OfficialPrije 4 dana

    Next time get empty fireworks with real fuses and light them after the countdown, that would be hilarious

  81. CaptainCat

    CaptainCatPrije 4 dana

    the best part this was posted on my b-day

  82. Benny Bee

    Benny BeePrije 4 dana

    how do i purchase one of these

  83. Paul Rubino

    Paul RubinoPrije 4 dana

    What app is being used to record video and automatically upload it to the cloud?

  84. TheRedstoneMagic games

    TheRedstoneMagic gamesPrije 4 dana

    You should use laptop or a PC box to make it more enticing

  85. -foxy Lover-

    -foxy Lover-Prije 4 dana

    Dat smart

  86. Alexander P

    Alexander PPrije 4 dana

    what if the porch pirates see this video?

  87. evoke

    evokePrije 4 dana

    can you make traps that are actually going to hurt these people? this is not enough, try a beartrap with a note in the middle saying 'press here to open or something'

  88. CroixFrozy

    CroixFrozyPrije 5 dana

    American delivery : Throw it in front of the door, our job is done here Europe : If the person doesn't personally get the delivery it goes back to the post office so the person can come pick it up whenever they can Why not just do that?

  89. Hamburgerstyleshuffles

    HamburgerstyleshufflesPrije 5 dana

    I wish the glitter was arsenic

  90. Borb

    BorbPrije 5 dana

    Stopping porch pirates *in style*

  91. Hara S.

    Hara S.Prije 5 dana

    anyone who ever stole mark's glitterbomb? please give testimony lmao

  92. Bernice Gardner

    Bernice GardnerPrije 5 dana

    The dependent nepal transmurally move because vein concordantly fire except a mean susan. thundering, ugly museum

  93. KevinZ

    KevinZPrije 5 dana

    Instant karma is what is happening here in this incredible video.

  94. Todd Price

    Todd PricePrije 5 dana

    If you put ribs in the spinner it would fly out further. You should make it where a bollon fills up with skunk gas and pops and the smell is everywhere along with sticky glitter, lol

  95. T.e.d.d playz

    T.e.d.d playzPrije 5 dana


  96. Djmlgbro

    DjmlgbroPrije 5 dana

    In the second box thief, you can see a kid sitting down wondering what going on with my Christmas gift

  97. Lmm Cams

    Lmm CamsPrije 5 dana

    You should use laser printer ink toner and ink jet ink in the squiter

  98. Atusa Parsa

    Atusa ParsaPrije 5 dana

    That was super cool🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  99. Anita J in FLA

    Anita J in FLAPrije 5 dana

    Jim Browning is awesome as well...

  100. Anita J in FLA

    Anita J in FLAPrije 5 dana


  101. madhav dubey

    madhav dubeyPrije 5 dana

    just imagine it saying allahu akbar before 15 ...14 ...13 ..12 ...11 ....10 ...........

  102. Calvin G

    Calvin GPrije 5 dana

    My main issues is that there needs to be much more glitter going much farther to make it significantly more difficult to clean up

  103. Player738

    Player738Prije 5 dana

    Make it explode with tons of styrofoam mini balls ITS SO F ING HARD TO GET RID OF ITS STICKING TO EVERYTHING DUE TO STATIC ELECTRICITY

  104. CozieComet

    CozieCometPrije 5 dana

    15:57 Me:There is no prince of Nigeria,only a president Bro:How do you know that? Me:1.The Obamas met with the president,and we Nigerian heritage.